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Watch: ‘Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole’ Official Teaser

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Enjoy this cryptic Teaser Oswald in the Rabbit Hole, which sets the unsettling and tense vibe of the movie, and shares a sneak peek of the gory, menacing sight of Oswald’s rabbit, all set to nostalgic cartoon music.

Lilton Stewart III (November 11th Pictures), the award-winning American director behind the film, has teamed up with Lucinda Bruce (Lady of the Light Productions), the producer and owner of Lady of the Light Productions to create a sinister version of an iconic cartoon classic, which encompasses the horror genre.

Oswald follows main character Art and some of his closest friends as they track down his long-lost family lineage. When they find his Great-Grandpa Oswald’s abandoned home, they are transported to a place lost in time, shrouded by dark Hollywood Magic. The group discovers that they aren’t alone when a cartoon Rabbit, an evil entity, comes to live. Art and his companions must work together in order to escape the magical prison before Rabbit reaches them.


The film was produced in partnership with Mana Animation StudioAnimation Tandem Post HouseFor post-production and VFX supervisor, Bob HomamiWho is known for? The Tomorrow War Oblivion, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Much like Pooh, Tigger, Mickey MouseThe Oswald Character entered the public domain in 2023. Disney originally owned the cartoon rabbit, but Universal took control in 1928. This led to the creation Mickey Mouse as a compensation for the loss. Nothing says “copyright expiration” like a horror reimagining! 

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