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Cartoons From 25 Years Ago – The Blog

Today we revisit cartoons from February 1999. 25 years ago. It’s always fascinating to see how much (or how little) has changed over a quarter of a century. As usual, some cartoons are no longer logical and others show how…

Watch the Clips That Earned Nominations for Feature Character Animation at This Year’s Annie Awards

Although many festivals and awards shows honor the animation art form, a small handful, like ASIFA-Hollywood’s Annie Awards, recognize the individual achievements of the artists behind the images we see on screen. With Annie voting taking place through next Monday,…

AI Will Disrupt Numerous Animation Jobs Within the Next Three Years

It is clear that the rise of generative AI models will disrupt the entertainment industry in a big way. This week, a report revealed the devastating impact Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) will have on artists over the next 3 years….