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Q Toon: AG stands for Almira Gulch

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Ken Paxton, the impeached Texas attorney general, isn’t going let a little issue like the state’s border stop him from getting his job done.Transgender children, their families and friends are looked after..

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is requesting medical records of Texas youth who have received gender-affirming care from a Georgia telehealth clinic, marking at least the second time he’s sought such records from providers in another state.

The clinic, QueerMed confirmed that they had received the request on Friday morning. QueerMed has said that it stopped serving youth in Texas because the state banned transitional care last year. The clinic’s founder said the attorney general requested information about patients dating back to Jan. 1, 2022, before the ban took effect.

The clinic reported that Paxton had asked for private information regarding Texas residents who had received telehealth care before the ban in Texas, and Texas residents treated outside of Texas after it. The request, they said, nearly mirrors one the attorney general sent to Seattle Children’s Hospital last year.

Paxton asked Seattle Children’s for a variety of patient information, including the number of Texas children they have treated, medications prescribed to children, the children’s diagnoses and the name of Texas laboratories where tests for youth are administered.

In response to that request, known as a civil investigative demand, Seattle Children’s sued the Texas Office of the Attorney General in December.

QueerMed confirmed that Paxton sent his request to them on Nov. 17, the same day that Seattle Children’s received the similar demand for documents. QueerMed received this request Dec. 7 due to delays in the mail. It was first reported that QueerMed had received the letter by The Houston Chronicle Friday morning.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: I am sick and tired to have to keep coming up with new ways to talk about Republicans’ psychotic vendettas against transgender individuals. You think you are tired of hearing that Taylor Swift attends every Kansas City Chiefs match? Puh-leeze. Republicans began this crusade more than a decade ago and it is now everywhere.

Then they began to scare their impressionable followers with stories of hairy, brutish males in dresses lurking around women’s restrooms. They then moved on to keep transgender women out of locker room, out from pools, and out of sports. Now they are attacking transgender rights to vote and to drive. Above all, they continue to pass laws criminalizing transgender people’s health care.

It’s those whiny MAGA-snowflakes who think. they’re the ones someone is trying to “erase.”


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