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Berge’s Cartoon Weblog: Januaries ‘4eign and Home

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It is time to ease again on the wayback machine just a bit bit, so listed below are a couple of cartoons I drew in Januaries of years ending in -4. (Which was coincidentally the excessive temperature right here the opposite day.)

1984 was a presidential election yr, in fact; and like at the moment, the USA was bedeviled by hostilities within the Center East.

The usS. John F. Kennedy had been on patrol off the coast of Lebanon after the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, through which 241 troopers had died. In response to some hostile fireplace, the JFK launched a bombing raid on December 4. The airplane of Navy Lts. Mark Lange and Robert Goodman was shot down by a Syrian floor missile. Lange didn’t survive; Goodman was taken captive in Damascus.

Unwilling to accede to the circumstances set by Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad that the U.S. withdraw forces from Lebanon, the Reagan Administration’s efforts to win Goodman’s freedom had been getting nowhere. Then a delegation led by by Rev. Jesse Jackson went to Damascus, and Jackson, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, succeeded the place Reagan had failed.

Jackson nonetheless got here in seventh place within the Iowa caucuses. Go determine. Will need to have been as a result of there aren’t any naval bases in Iowa.

I drew the above cartoon for the January 12, 1984 version of the College of Wisconsin – Parkside pupil newspaper; however they nonetheless had an unused cartoon from December and ran that one as an alternative.

Shifting on to 1994, and the aftermath of extra U.S. troopers killed in a far-off civil struggle:

in UWM Submit, Milwaukee Wis., Jan. 24, 1994

President Clinton’s first Protection Secretary, Les Aspin, resigned on the finish of 1993, tacitly taking the autumn for the Blackhawk Down incident in Somalia. Clinton’s nomination of Admiral Bobby Ray Inman as Aspin’s substitute was greeted initially with bipartisan reward — save for New York Occasions columnist William Safire, who alleged that Inman was biased towards Israel. 

Inman withdrew his title from consideration at a stormy press convention, the place he blasted Safire and complained that Republican Senators Bob Dole and Trent Lott had been out to get him. Each Senate leaders expressed shock and shock at Inman’s accusation, and the White Home was taken completely off guard.

Clinton’s subsequent nomination of William Perry to the submit went off easily. There was later hypothesis that Inman was really attempting to go off being related to a scandal at Worldwide Sign and Management, the place he served on the board of administrators.

for Q Syndicate, January, 2004

I haven’t got a cartoon from January of 2004 that matches with the overall matter of at the moment’s submit; so as an alternative, I will embody this homage to P.T. Bridgeport, a recurring character in Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” whose dialogue all the time appeared in late-1800’s promoting fonts. 

Lettering dialogue is often my least favourite a part of drawing a cartoon. This was an exception.

for Q Syndicate, January, 2014

Returning to international points, I selected this cartoon from ten years in the past as a result of it provides me a chance to deal with a cartoon I have never drawn this month.

On December 29, the President of Burundi, Évariste Ndayishimiye, was requested about respecting LGBTQ+ rights.

“For me, I feel that if we discover these folks in Burundi they need to be taken to stadiums and be stoned, and doing so wouldn’t be a criminal offense,” he stated.

If any U.S. politician had spewed such hate-filled bile within the no-news week between Christmas and New Yr’s, I’d have been throughout that story in that week’s cartoon. However doing so a few politician none of my readers had ever heard of from a rustic that many couldn’t discover on a map (current firm excepted, in fact) with a historical past of Western colonialism and yada yada is fraught with hazard.

Wouldn’t it be attainable to sentence Mr. Ndayishimiye with out risking accusations of racism and cultural imperialism?

We may debate whether or not homosexuality existed in Africa earlier than Christian and Islamic missionaries preached anti-LGBTQ+ persecution there. Western colonizers did all the things they may to erase native tradition and historical past wherever they went; but it beggars perception to think about that homosexuality existed solely in Europe and in scattered Native American nations earlier than Christopher Columbus, Vasco de Gama, and Francis Drake set sail.

Mr. Ndayishimiye, because it occurs, is Roman Catholic, however with some manifestly obvious variations with the present Pope.

My 2014 cartoon tried to argue that institutionalized homophobia relatively than homosexuality is the Western export to Africa (a minimum of so far as Christianity is worried). Not that I’ve by no means leveled criticism at African politicians —viz. right here and e.g. right here — however I haven’t got a lot of a readership in Burundi, Uganda, or Kenya.

Or anyplace else on the continent.

Lo, mbaya sana. I am higher off sticking to cartooning politicians my readers can vote for or towards.

One reference to The African Queen in that regard might be my whole allotment, anyway. At the very least till I handle to attract a greater Katherine Hepburn.


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