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Berge’s Cartoon blog: Q Toon: Dating Game

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Is there time before the Superbowl™ for one more cartoon lampooning magazoid Swiftophobes and fusty oldsters who somehow don’t remember Beatlemania?

I can understand any Baby Boomer that took his girlfriend to a Beatles concert and she screamed at the top her lungs the entire time. At least he didn’t pay current TicketMaster rates to have his eardrums split.

But honestly, I don’t know why Clyde and his friends are against Travis Kelce dating Taylor Swift. Do they really want to see their macho footballer with a pretty blonde girl who is a country singer?

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene are all available. But be reasonable. Travis Action Movie Lookin’ Kelce is a Travis Action Movie star with a beard that gleams with pearly whites. If Clyde was hereYou can find out more about it here. I don’t believe he would pick any of the congressional harridans if he had to choose between those three women.

Clyde, just turn on the Talladega Channel. Maybe they have a shot with Ted Nugent and Kid Rock in the stands.

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