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Yesterday’s Comic Strip of the DayIncluded a cartoon that I posted on my Facebook and Xitter page after this week’s New Hampshire Primary:

in UW-Parkside Ranger,Somers Wis. Feb. 1988

I’m honored, flattered and accept the mild critique leveled towards it. It’s just a 36-year old cartoon.

Iowa’s caucus for president and New Hampshire’s primary for president are both regarded as the first in the nation by media types and locals, but they have been resented everywhere else. The states are overwhelmingly white and rural, and therefore not representative of America as a whole. The candidates have several months to meet with voters and mingle. hoi polloiThere are people who joke about deciding against a candidate because they only met him or her once.

In years when the race is still competitive after New Hampshire, the candidates dash through the ensuing states — blink and they’re gone. This year, the media has declared the race to be over, and they are impatiently waiting for Trump and Biden’s acceptance speeches. The other 48 states will have no say in who is on the ballot in November (take that! ColoradoThe following are some examples of how to get started: Maine!).

In 1980, I was a college-age student in Minnesota at the time when that state attempted to move its presidential primary to the same date as New Hampshire. The Democratic Party punished Minnesota for that effrontery, warning that the delegates Minnesota caucus-goers selected that night would not be seated at the national convention — since it had been the 1976 New Hampshire that vaulted Jimmy Carter from obscurity to front-runner status, the incumbent president owed the Granite State that much consideration.

Which state would be more representative of America if it were to replace Iowa and New Hampshire?

How about Illinois?

It’s got rural. It’s got rural. It has Chicago and Cairo. It has Blacks, Latinos, Italians, Poles, Irish, Swedes, Serbs, and Lithuanians. It has corn, and a coastline. It has baseball, football and basketball. It’s got hundreds undocumented immigrant stuck at O’Hare. It has weekend hunters and criminals who both love their arsenal of guns, and ignore the rest of Illinoisans that get in their path. Boystown is home to Cardinal Cupich.

Let’s see if Iowa or New Hampshire can top that!


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