Tag: trippy

Caravan Palace – Midnight

Can’t get enough of Caravan Palace. With jazz, swing, hip hop and electro vibes all melded together, the song from the French maestros is surprisingly and beautifully coherent. This video, directed by Julian + Adrian, is a work of art in its own right but the way it plays along with the track is brilliant. The superb visuals are enabled by the swift shifts in tempo and atmosphere afforded throughout the track.

The Avalanches – Subways

A predictably trippy visual for the Avalanches’ track “Subways” wonderfully and whimsically animated. If only all public transport was like this.
Directed by Mrzyk & Moriceau • Produced by DIVISION

Club Drunk

This may not technically be a music video but I think it applies. Wonderfully animated, trippy and relatable from Mitchell Crawford.

David August – J.B.Y

David August returns with a typically epic sounding track. The Berliner is excellent at raveling a myriad of different sounds, instruments and melodies into his work and J.B.Y is yet another example of why he such an exciting producer and live act. Looking forward to catching his show in June at Koko.

Royksopp – So Easy (Unofficial Music Video)

One of my first posts on my old Tumblr site was an unofficial music video for “So Easy” which I’m pretty sure has since been removed (or I just can’t find anymore). Naturally, I’m delighted to come across another unofficial music video that frankly is better than I can have imagined. The tune still gives me shivers.

La Chica – Oasis [Music Video]

Superb track with an amazing video. The haunting vocals and piano-led production are matched by the amazing yet simple visual effects showcased by the video. Awesome work!

Production : Noamir Productions noamir.com
Direction : Marion Castéra