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Giyo – Tsunami Boy

Olly Guy, also known as Giyo, is a classically trained guitarist, multi instrumentalist and producer of trip hop. The UK based artist has been making music for a while but I was lucky enough to stumble across a few of his tracks and was struck by the prominence of the classical guitar sound along side smooth hip hop beats.

Oldie but goodie:

Weval – The Battle

Amsterdam duo Weval originally met while working in the film industry but decided that they were pretty damn good at making electronic music. With a blend of trip-hop, jazz and rock, the Dutchmen create a House sound that is reminiscent of Nicolas Jaar and Darkside. “The Battle” is builds an atmosphere from get-go with distorted drums, soft chords and endlessly looping vocals – expect more of the same from their self-titled debut album out June 10th.