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Kalipo – And The Stone of Heart

Another standout performance for me at Reeperbahn was the Wednesday night set from Berlin-based Kalipo. He unleashed his special brand of melodic tech-house that was a welcome treat after a full day of pop, punk and post-rock bands at the showcase festival in Hamburg last week. He weaved a 90 minute set into a masterpiece with this relentless original mix at the heart of it.

Max Cooper – Organa

Based on Max Cooper’s live visuals during his Emergence tour, I’ve come to expect nothing less than top-drawer videos from the UK producer. Animator Sabine Volkert supplies a music video inspired by the biological and molecular themes that Cooper seems to implant into all of his work.

Kastle – Visions

LA-based producer Kastle is gearing up to drop is his second album, Reflections, in October and he’s showcasing his wonderful range of genre-blurring sounds. The above “Visions” is a cut from that album, as is the track entitled “So Faded”, below – the fact that they are both producer by the same artist is blowing my mind. Tech-house to Juke in just a couple of tracks.

Elderbrook – Closer

London based Electronic artist and singer, Elderbrook, aka Alexander Kotz, is crafting a uniquely soulful style. Equipped with a keen ear for beautiful, albeit simple production, Elderbrook’s music fills you with emotion and purpose. “Closer” is underpinned by haunting techno beats and Kotz’s hypnotic lyrics that leave you wanting just little bit more.

Carpenter Brut – Turbo Killer

Carpenter Brut makes really intense sounding 80s inspired French techno. This music video is perhaps one of the most epic and ridiculous things I’ve seen in 2016. If anyone catches you watching this, you will have no way to explain it other than handing them your headphones and telling them to watch.

Props to director Seth Ickerman.