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Singularis – No One

Soulection’s Dutchmen, Singularis, illustrates that his countryman Jarreau Vandal isn’t the only Sound of Tomorrow crew member with movies. The track he created for the launch compilation of Switzerland-based collective Culture Vibes Movement is smooth but bouncy. Some jazzy Kaytra-shit. Indeed.

Monte Booker & Naji – Mona Lisa

Monte Booker continues to make the case that he’s had a breakout year in 2016 with his bewilderingly good production with unique feels. Naji’s vocals and lyrics cap off a satisfying track and makes me expect big things from both Soulection artists in the new year.

Jarreau Vandal – Small Talk

Jarreau Vandal has already established himself as one of my favorite producers but “Small Talk”, the 3rd single off of his upcoming Suburb Superhero EP, showcases exactly why. The Dutchman and Soulection star has conjured up the closest thing he has to a trademark sound with groovy pianos, wandering baselines, oh, and, finger snaps. Only 3 more days until the EP drops!

Monte Booker – Election

Monte Booker is officially on the Soulection team and dropped this to celebrate. The Chicago producer has had a big year and he’s finally starting to get the rep he deserves. “Election” is just a sample of what this master of samples, synths and beats can do; starting with ethereal strings and building into wholly unique soundscape of clicks, spoons… Read more →