Tag: chill

Leven Kali – Joy

Better late than never: got much love for this track from Leven Kali. Such a funky sound with a wonderfully upbeat vibe, what’s not to love! The more I listen to this guy, the more I’m tipping him for big things in the near future.

Tom Misch – 5 Day Mischon

Tom Misch is not contented with just being one of the best songwriters and producers in the world, he’s someone who is always striving to push himself further. He set a goal to write 5 songs in 5 days: a 5 day Mischon, if you will. Collaborating with a different artist on each day with, Misch does not disappoint showcasing his range from rock, hip hop, and jazz, all with that special signature Tom Misch vibe. Stream day one above and catch the rest of 5 below. Read more

Playlists – End (of) Summer Sadness

Summer is slipping away. We are at the point when you are still clinging to partly cloud days as if they are sunny. May this playlist ease the pain from all stages of summertime sadness – from denial to acceptance – as the songs ease you into the inevitable malaise that is post-summer existence.

Elderbrook – Closer

London based Electronic artist and singer, Elderbrook, aka Alexander Kotz, is crafting a uniquely soulful style. Equipped with a keen ear for beautiful, albeit simple production, Elderbrook’s music fills you with emotion and purpose. “Closer” is underpinned by haunting techno beats and Kotz’s hypnotic lyrics that leave you wanting just little bit more.

Sonder – Victoria [Part 1]

Sonder is a brand new collaboration between US-based Brent Faiyas, Atu, and Dpat. The 3 artists – producers, singers and songerwriters in their own right – have come together for 3 part project, with the first 3 songs smoothly rolled into the above track. Blurring the lines between Soul, RnB and Future, these guys have got something special here, looking forward to the next release. Download Victoria – Part One here.