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Playlists – End (of) Summer Sadness

Summer is slipping away. We are at the point when you are still clinging to partly cloud days as if they are sunny. May this playlist ease the pain from all stages of summertime sadness – from denial to acceptance – as the songs ease you into the inevitable malaise that is post-summer existence.

Playlists – Studying Vol.5

Nearly 3 years after my last installment, I’m back at Uni and I’m once again procrastinating for exams by making a studying playlist (this is the 5th time). This time a Masters degree is in the balance. The stakes are higher, the music may have changed but clearly I haven’t. For more study playlists head to my Study Drugs page.



Today I turn 25. My blog turns 5. The UK might leave the EU, Trump just might be next US president, Kanye might be broke and I might just say fuck it and get a pet raccoon. What a time to be alive! Here are 25 tracks that make me feel good about being a quarter century old. Let’s get it on.