HWLS – 005

HWLS picks up right where he left off with this indescribably delicious track and has teamed up with director Braden Lee to produce the next installment for Create & Explore‘s 9th installment. The Australian just sucks you in with the piano intro and the drop is unbelievably exhilarating; the track is the perfect soundtrack for the excellent visuals. After a long wait, dopeness delivered from HWLS. And it goes without saying that Create & Explore continues to impress with their video x music series.

From the Director:
“Tokyo is this futuristic-dystopian metropolis rich in tradition and modernism. My goal was to merge these two themes. Throughout the story we follow two contemporary dancers to the famous Shibuya 5-way crossing. We also observe a mysterious masked figure. This ominous mask comes from a theatrical drama called “Noh” which the Japanese have been practicing since the 14th century. The actual mask you see here is over 400 yrs old and represents an angel – passed down through generations. Today, there’s just a handful left performing Noh as it solely depends on the disinterested youth to keep it alive”

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