Haunting, eerie, ghostly, fantastic. This spooky, enthralling tune from Noza gets illuminated by Le Crabe and David Lachéroy.

In the Director David Lachéroy’s own words:
First, the sound made me think about the imbalance, a nightmare, an evil force. I immediately thought about of those dreams, those who everybody does, with stairs, rooms.. and strange voices. There are often these large rooms, wich open onto larger spaces. To animate this universe, I used masks from many countries (Africa, Asia, Polynesia …) I also used a small reference to the surrealist cinema with a mask similar to that the film “The Blood of a Poet” of Jean Cocteau. The travelings were done in the traboules at Lyon. The characters were shot in a bathroom with an old black cloth, plaster, expanding foam and metal wire.

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