[Throwback] GTA Vice City Radio – Fever 105

At my office, it’s a bit of a Friday tradition to break out this mix to signal its time to start drinking for the weekend. Hard to believe GTA Vice City is 15 years old (the video game was release in 2002) and this mix is not only hilarious but filled with quality grooves. Happy Friday peeps! Shootout to the TicketSwap office crew for keeping me sane

Kraak & Smaak – Stumbles feat. Parcels (Fhin Flip)

Kraak & Smaak’s 2016 album, Juicy Fruit, was wonderfully fresh and funky, not only because of the original tracks but also the plethora of remixes it birthed. The latest of those is this downtempo flip from accomplished frenchies, Fhin. Everything here is wonderfully calculated from the little guitar melody to the shuddering synth drop.

Snacks – Burnin (Street Player Video Special)

This post isn’t really about Snacks (the House/Disco duo are definitely worth your attention tho) but more about Street Player, a youtube channel, that chooses dope House tracks, awesome local dancers and sets them up to dance in the middle of chaos that London, Paris or any city. It takes a lot of guts to dance in the middle of a dancefloor let alone the busy Southbank walkway but dancer Dechen Gendun absolutely kills it. Big ups to her, Street Player (subscribe to them, they deserve more followers!) and the Snacks boys for the whole spectacle!
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