Polezsky – Smiling Hunters

The frenetic and sample driven track “Smiling Hunters” from Brussels-based producer Polezsky gets turned into visual candy by Morky from Hello, Savants! Wonderful semi-abstract animation takes on the whimsical nature of the track.

Romare – Come Close to Me

Romare‘s previous work has always been intriguing, albeit requiring a bit getting used to. His recent release “Love Songs: Part Two” continues his unique blend of jazz, blues and disco. The atmosphere he creates in “Come Close to Me” and throughout the rest of his album is one of romance and cheap sex, with samples layered upon relentless drums and bass.

FKJ & Tom Misch – Losing My Way

There are few greater sights then capturing a musician in full flow of creativity. Seeing two like-minded artists in full flow is one of them. FKJ x Tom Misch. Pure genius. Shout out to Red Bull Studios Berlin for the video.