[Throwback] Amerigo – Fela Soul

Over 5 years ago, a Nashville producer by the name of Amerigo created an album of hip hop and afrobeats blends. He weaves beats and rhymes of old school Hip Hop stars, De La Soul, together with the horns and vibes of legendary Nigerian instrumentalist Fela Kuti. This 9-track album is much more than a mash-up album, the expert care in which they are fused together has stood the test of time. My favorite tracks are “Breakadawn”, “Stakes is High” and “Still Ego Trippin.”

Shadow Child & Bodhi – Um

Legendary UK DJ and producer, Shadow Child, teams up with rising Welsh duo, Bodhi, for a gritty, bass-heavy piece of UK House that sounds both heavenly and threatening at the same time. This is the first cut off of Shadow Child’s upcoming Connected project. It’s gonna be a banger.

Brasstracks – Good Love EP

Today is good day. Because today is the day that Brooklyn’s Brasstracks have unleashed their debut Good Love EP on the world. I’ve been following these guys from the beginning, which hopefully means you all know how much I think of them – this 7 track EP, filled with original tracks, showcases the talent that has made them a sensation over the past 2 years. The newest track, Melanin Man featuring Masego, is yet another example of their special blend of R&B, Soul and Brass band.
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Elderbrook – Closer

London based Electronic artist and singer, Elderbrook, aka Alexander Kotz, is crafting a uniquely soulful style. Equipped with a keen ear for beautiful, albeit simple production, Elderbrook’s music fills you with emotion and purpose. “Closer” is underpinned by haunting techno beats and Kotz’s hypnotic lyrics that leave you wanting just little bit more.