HERO – Vacation

Canadian Future Soul / R&B artist HERO released his debut VHS Pop EP a few weeks ago and “Vacation” is my pick of the six tracks. Fusing smooth vocals with 80s synth-infused production, the Phantom Culture man has the perfect sound for late night cruisin around the neighborhood.


Promises Ltd. – EP

Jeremy Malvin aka Chrome Sparks and Charlie Brand aka the lead singer of Miniature Tigers come together for a project called Promises Ltd. This partnership takes the best of both artists and produces something that is at once very reminiscent of their individual works heretofore and also represents a fresh set of sounds. “Days of Lavender” is an immediate masterpiece, while “American Eyes” slow burns into a catchy ballad. Is it too much to ask these fellows keep working together AND keep doing their own things too?
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Kastle – Visions

LA-based producer Kastle is gearing up to drop is his second album, Reflections, in October and he’s showcasing his wonderful range of genre-blurring sounds. The above “Visions” is a cut from that album, as is the track entitled “So Faded”, below – the fact that they are both producer by the same artist is blowing my mind. Tech-house to Juke in just a couple of tracks.

Tom Misch – Remember

Tom Misch has been touring and working on his album and hasn’t released much music lately but still had time to drop this beat. Using the old school soul vibes of Four Tops as a starting point, Misch does what he does best, creating a smooth and upbeat beat that will make your Monday bearable.