Shogonodo – Aoba

Japanese pop meets French artisan beats. France’s Shogonodo has been making Japanese infused beats better than any avante garde fusion restaurant in Paris. This cut is so smooth, warm and calming that you feel like you are on a beach.

[Crate Digger No.1] Embryo – Wajang Woman

A new trend in music today is the constant ability of legendary selectors like Hunee, Mr Scruff and Antal to dig up incredible and unknown old school tracks that turn the dancefloor mental. In honor of that trend I’ll be posting “Crate Digger” tracks starting with this groovy cut circa 1974, from Trinidadians Embyro.

Kalipo – And The Stone of Heart

Another standout performance for me at Reeperbahn was the Wednesday night set from Berlin-based Kalipo. He unleashed his special brand of melodic tech-house that was a welcome treat after a full day of pop, punk and post-rock bands at the showcase festival in Hamburg last week. He weaved a 90 minute set into a masterpiece with this relentless original mix at the heart of it.